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Prevention of DVT after Injury: Comparing Standard LMWH Prophylaxis with Adjust Dose LMWH

Project Director/Lead Investigator: M. Margaret Knudson MD

Funding Agency: The National Trauma Institute

DVT and PE prevention have been a major focus of the San Francisco Injury Center since its inception in 1989. We have recently received a grant from the National Trauma Institute to join a multi-center study (collaborating centers include the U. of Texas in Houston and the U. of Oregon in Portland) investigating standard dose administration of the LMWH enoxaparin with adjusted-dose enoxaparin based on thromboelastography (TEG) measurements. There has been a suggestion that DVT continues to occur after injury because standard dosing (30 mg BID) is insufficient in many injured patients due to size differences, renal clearance differences, and poor subcutaneous absorption. The end-point of this study will be DVT discovered on surveillance duplex ultrasound. The study is scheduled to being in mid-2011 and be completed in 2012.

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